Chris Archibald

Education and certificates:

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor 

About me:

'There’s no magic or luck involved in running far or climbing Everest. Endurance is just Mental Strength, in life and in training it’s all about heart.'

From a very young age I’ve always enjoyed sport, I tried every sport available to me from Football, Boxing, Rugby to Mountaineering, Orienteering and Long distance running. I love all aspects of Fitness business. I love pushing my limits both physically and mentally through training and this translates across to my personal training style as I truly believe that in time all fitness goals can be possible whether it be sports specific or general fitness goals, In my previous career path it taught me the importance of fitness training, commitment and the importance of enhancing the right attitude to tackle any challenge. I aspire to be the trainer that gives you the confidence to challenge yourself more, push your limits and achieve more. I’m currently beginning preparations for Run mucker and in April and Tough Mudder Yorkshire in July.

'Strength does not come from what you CAN do but rather from overcoming the things you once thought you Couldn’t do'