Education and certificates:

Level 4: BACPR (British association of cardiac prevention and rehabilitation) 
Level 3: G.P referral
Level 3: Advanced gym instructor and personal training
Level 2: Metafit instructor 

About me:

I have worked in gyms from the age of 17 and have seen the industry evolve. I've enjoyed all aspects of fitness during this time from elite athletes to elderly mobility fitness. 

My background in the fitness industry  is Cardiac rehabilitation. Although working at Core Gym has reignited my love for Personal Training

My passion for fitness came at an early age playing football and enjoying athletics in school. I went to a sports college to study sports science and there enjoyed playing all sports. I represented the county (Middlesex) for football before playing semi professional football for Kingsbury town and Northwood FC. 

I’ve developed massively at Core Gym over the last 2 years, being surrounded by so many professionals from differing backgrounds has opened my eyes to different ways to train and be successful at it 

I LOVE my job, it never feels like an effort to go to work because it doesn’t feel like work.  

I love working with our clients and assisting them to achieve their goals and getting the best out of them.

From the moment I walked in to Core Gym I loved the place. Great atmosphere no egos, just hard work.

My training philosophy is positive reinforcement.