We are pleased with our progress so far and ahead of our expectations. We really appreciate that the community like what we have to offer at Core and we are able to accommodate all your fitness needs and will be adding more as the demand increases. 

We have seen the addition of 350 likes in one week to our Facebook page, have you visited it yet? When you get a chance, have a look, some great photos, also could I ask that you like and invite your friends to also like.


Angus Warwicker/ Dean Rainey / Ruth Hyndman / Damo Ledger / Steven Kelly / Siobhan Donaghey have all recently came on-board.


We have a new and fully stocked display cooler, thanks to Colin at Bob And Berts, looking forward on more projects in the near future.


Teen gym, great for the kids, and adults train free. 

For July we have added a further 10 classes, and more to follow in August.

Boot camp

July was oversubscribed, and apologises if you were one of the guys that we were unable to accommodate.

We will be continuing the July boot camp to allow the existing guys to continue in their efforts, however don't worry, we will be launching another boot camp in August for those who couldn't access the July camp.

We are truly excited at being able to add to the amazing work that the other guys have done before us, from the Leisure centre, the cross-fit offering, Atlas, Energie, and the talented trainers with their individual specialist offerings. We are honoured to add to the offering and between us all help to improve the health and well-being of the community, not to mention assist in our local talent maintain and improve their fitness.

We are able to organise your monthly contributions more easily as our direct debit system is now operational.

Let us know your thoughts. As you can see we are constantly adding to and improving our offering and want to know what you would like to see at Core Gym, is there anything you would like us to offer, next time you are in let us know.





Club Manager

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