Well another month passes, kids getting back to school and time to get back to a routine.

As I was preparing this update, I was thinking that I had one less excuse, as to why not attend the gym.

We make excuses, we don't have enough time, don't know how to, or my favourite, don't feel like it right now.....But when we look back in 5 years from now, It will be made up of two things, the things we did, and the excuses we made.

Many of us leave our dreams, desires and even small changes in our lives to fall by the wayside simply because we don't follow things through.......we make excuses.

Stop making excuses. True strength is the ability to eliminate excuses, you must do what others won't to achieve what others want.

Why not take the small step,out your front door to ours....... Give it a go, we will help you to achieve what you want to achieve, and the first step is free (there's another excuse eliminated)


Anyway, this was to be an update

It was great to see so many friendly faces at the gym, from rising stars, Commonwealth Games athletes and international rugby stars.

Also, as we develop our Core Academy (more later in the month) some teams continued their training with us, Ballymoney ladies hockey / Limavady rugby club / Dalriada senior rugby squad / Ballymoney rugby club / Springwell runners / NI volleyball / Ulster university rugby squad, to name but a few.

August seen a continuation of our Boot Camp offering, and Gillian really showed all of us how it was done. What a camp!, great locations and equipment (don't ask where we got it), and amazing support staff, and most importantly more people starting their fitness regime.

We have made some more minor improvements to our facility over the past few weeks, and over the weekend "signed off" on a major part of our expansion programme where we will be able to add to the overall experience when you visit our facility.

We also expanded our offering, and have created Core Kitchen, where with the help of the guys at Bob & Bert's have started to exclusively offer some beautifully prepared meals for you. This is the start of another part of our development and we are currently taking advice from various experts, including dieticians and nutritionists, to ensure that the meals are healthy and nutritionally balanced.

We had another Bank Holiday Open Day and had a great response from new clients thanks to all who gave it a go, and have now joined.

Our direct debit system is operational and we would encourage all to sign up. We are also offering, as a small token of appreciation a complimentary PT session to all who sign up before the end of September. There should be an application form in the post, or grab one the next time you are in.

We have enhanced our website further www.coregym.org and have added a "gallery" section and some photos.

Towards the end of September we will be having a competition between some of our brave (stupid) coaches, this will be a launch pad to another improvement to our offering

Look out later in the week, as we announce the winner of the 2K Row (and Septembers new challenge) and August Trainer of the month