We have moved!

Thanks to the continued support of our members and hard work of our team we are pleased to announce we have moved to larger premises on the Ballyrashane Road.

We are still within 5 minutes of Coleraine town centre but have more space outside for car parking and inside; loads more space, loads more machines and loads more fun!

Our full address is now:

24c Ballyrashane Rd, Coleraine, BT52 2NL.





Another busy month at Core Gym as we continue to strive to maintain our offering at the highest standard.

We are pleased to finally have our Joint Venture with Bob and Berts come to fruition. Call in and try it -  you can sit in or take away. Also, why not order and collect your lunch?. We are also open in the morning from 6.30 so you can get your early morning coffee fix.

We have seen a significant increase on our “likes” on Facebook and we overjoyed that nearly 3000 people have taken the time to like our page to allow them to get regular updates.

Have you invited your friends to like our page, could you take 2 mins and invite your friends, as we attempt to increase our On-Line audience

Our Academy is really taken off and its all down to Angus and his hard work and commitment, we have recruited the help of three other trainers to help lighten the load.

We still have some availability to allow us to assist your Club with their sports specific Strength & Conditioning needs

Due to the demand for SPIN we have refreshed our bikes, we now have 15 bikes and will also be updating our timetable to add more classes, to include beginners and advanced classes.

Stuck for something to buy that special loved one?...............We have our vouchers, recently printed and available to purchase for any amount and for any purpose, (Membership / PT session / Core Store)

Look out for out December offers on Facebook, there will be one a week, 1st one out this morning

We are hiring. If you are looking to advance your career, get in contact. Send us an email





Well, that's six months into the Journey and we want to keep you informed on all the developments to our Facility and offering.

We want to offer a quality product and will continue to work tirelessly to deliver.

We have recruited some of the best and well qualified talent and really humbled by them wanting to be associated with us, as we welcome Sean, Rachael, Craig, Jonny, Michelle. We will be updating our website and Bios as we refresh our website and keep you up todate with the new members of our Team, and what they can offer you to enhance your fitness journey, that's 25 colleagues. Yes 25, helping us to deliver a Quality offering to the North Coast

After some four months in the planning we are excited to be adding to our facility, what we think is the best in the market and we are immensely proud to be working in conjunction with Colin McClean on this project, and Thanks to ALL for the work that has been completed in an amazingly quick time

We are also developing our Nutrition, Supplements and Food offering, call in and see our recently enhanced facility and what we have to offer.

Our Academy is continuing to grow,  Angus has had to recruit some more staff as we strive to meet with demand from the Teams, Groups & Clubs who want to get some additional Sports Specific training, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

LBD (what ever that is?).....Speak to Ruth, but all the Girls (and worryingly some boys) are excited about it, but a bit of extra hard work as we head towards Christmas and keep us focused on our training, 8 weeks to go!!!

Our Corporate offering has recently been developed where we are discussing the benefits of training in our facility to Businesses and are also really excited with the  “Suspended” membership associated with this development.

Our Core Store will be up and running from the start of November, next time you are in, have a chat about what we can offer just in time for Christmas (Too soon?)

We have also announced our 1st ever night out…………..Core Christmas party, we have secured exclusive use of a location in Portrush on the 5th of December and negotiated a great deal for us all to go out and have a great night. More info in the Gym to allow you to book your spot, speak to Ruth / Richard


”Comparison is the thief of Joy”. Don't compare yourself to others, individuals or organisation, it will just take the focus of what you should be doing, so when Training do your best and we will help in anyway possible for you to achieve your Goal, and in Business, no point concerning yourself with other, what can you do about it?

Control what you can control and most important………..Do something about it!




A quick update, there has been so much going on this past few weeks thought we would try and keep everyone updated.

A heads up. We are doing some major improvements next weekend. The guys will be in 1st thing Saturday morning and work through until Monday..............We can't wait to show you what we have been working on for the last few months, pretty sure it's not been done the way we are going to do it, so hold on tight!

We are welcoming even more Trainers to our team, will be introducing them all to you through the month of October. We are truly humbled by the level, quality and number of Trainers that want to be associated with our facility and hope you get a chance to meet them real soon.

We are improving our timetable again, due to demand for Spin and Metafit, we have added some more classes and moved things about slightly.

We are also really please that Jude Millican has decided to base her Ladies Running Group at our Gym, it is on every Tuesday eve at 8.00. Ladies, you would be more than welcome to come along.

We have seen an amazing response to our activity on Facebook, this week we have seen an unprecedented increase in our "likes" over 250! Thanks to everyone who is interested in our Gym, could we ask all our members to invite their friends and family to "like" and "share" our page, as we continue to add to our audience.





Another busy month as we continue to improve our offering to our clients. Great to see so many new faces again this month as we continue to expand and learn the best way to do things, thanks for sticking by us......... as we enter October, again some building work to add to our facility, as we redesign our welcome area and improve our offering.

We will be enhancing our Timetabled classes again in October, as we see increased demand for our Spin classes and Metafit.......have you tried either of them yet, give it a go, check out the timetable on FB and give it a go (on us !)

If I could also remind our members to invite your friends to "like" our Facebook page, would greatly appreciate it, as we continue to add to our community.

Our Academy is really expanding quickly under the watchful eye of Angus, where we have had the privilege of welcoming some of the best local talent to our Gym, Volleyball / Football / Hockey / Golf / Rowing. We can design and offer sports specific Strength and Conditioning training to meet you needs. If your team would like to find out more, give us a call and we can discuss your requirements. (028 7032 8246)

Our team is also expanding further and we will see the addition of at least an additional 10 members of staff to assist in our pursuit to offer a quality product, we are also sad to see colleagues move on, good luck to Gillian as she embarks on the next chapter of her career.

Some famous faces visiting again this month, our highlight was local lad and Olympic athlete Richard Chambers coming to do some training and catch up with some old friends (Pat Condren), and some new.

Some thoughts as we enter the last Quarter of the year, one of our favourites quotes……........….. "I am Relentless"

You must be passionate, you must dedicate yourself, and you must be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. If you do, you will be successful.

Look out in October for some more exciting developments, as we improve our facility / staff / equipment / timetable / products/ classes etc etc 




Well another month passes, kids getting back to school and time to get back to a routine.

As I was preparing this update, I was thinking that I had one less excuse, as to why not attend the gym.

We make excuses, we don't have enough time, don't know how to, or my favourite, don't feel like it right now.....But when we look back in 5 years from now, It will be made up of two things, the things we did, and the excuses we made.

Many of us leave our dreams, desires and even small changes in our lives to fall by the wayside simply because we don't follow things through.......we make excuses.

Stop making excuses. True strength is the ability to eliminate excuses, you must do what others won't to achieve what others want.

Why not take the small step,out your front door to ours....... Give it a go, we will help you to achieve what you want to achieve, and the first step is free (there's another excuse eliminated)


Anyway, this was to be an update

It was great to see so many friendly faces at the gym, from rising stars, Commonwealth Games athletes and international rugby stars.

Also, as we develop our Core Academy (more later in the month) some teams continued their training with us, Ballymoney ladies hockey / Limavady rugby club / Dalriada senior rugby squad / Ballymoney rugby club / Springwell runners / NI volleyball / Ulster university rugby squad, to name but a few.

August seen a continuation of our Boot Camp offering, and Gillian really showed all of us how it was done. What a camp!, great locations and equipment (don't ask where we got it), and amazing support staff, and most importantly more people starting their fitness regime.

We have made some more minor improvements to our facility over the past few weeks, and over the weekend "signed off" on a major part of our expansion programme where we will be able to add to the overall experience when you visit our facility.

We also expanded our offering, and have created Core Kitchen, where with the help of the guys at Bob & Bert's have started to exclusively offer some beautifully prepared meals for you. This is the start of another part of our development and we are currently taking advice from various experts, including dieticians and nutritionists, to ensure that the meals are healthy and nutritionally balanced.

We had another Bank Holiday Open Day and had a great response from new clients thanks to all who gave it a go, and have now joined.

Our direct debit system is operational and we would encourage all to sign up. We are also offering, as a small token of appreciation a complimentary PT session to all who sign up before the end of September. There should be an application form in the post, or grab one the next time you are in.

We have enhanced our website further and have added a "gallery" section and some photos.

Towards the end of September we will be having a competition between some of our brave (stupid) coaches, this will be a launch pad to another improvement to our offering

Look out later in the week, as we announce the winner of the 2K Row (and Septembers new challenge) and August Trainer of the month







As we continue our journey together, we wanted to update everyone on our progress and offering. 

We have now been open for (believe it or not) 3 months, hopefully we have got the start of the offering that we ultimately feel that our clients deserve, however as we mentioned in last months post, please let us in know how we can improve our offering. 

We have been super busy through July as we continue to grow and grapple with the increasing numbers of members, we hope that as we progress to a fully fledge business we do not sacrifice some of the important customer service principles that we pride ourselves on.

Our July Boot-camp, with Ricky has proven to be extremely successful, culminating in our breakfast kindly supplied by Bob and Bert's, (thanks Colin). It's great to welcome all our boot campers now as members as they continue to progress on their fitness journey.

Our next boot camp, now running in August, was over subscribed again, and started on Monday, this time be headed up by Gillian....................hope you enjoy and have fun!

We have revised and improved our class timetable further during July, and we have already some more plans in place to launch in September. Check out or Facebook page for the most up to date version, again we are keen to add to our 2000 likes, when visiting the site, could you Like / share and invite friends, or leave us a review. Have you also checked out our photos, we have 3 budding photographers constantly taking snaps and we have posted some on our site. 

July was a big month for football, with the amazingly successful Dale Farm milk cup. It was humbling to meet some of the guys at our Gym, congratulations to the organising committee, and all the stars of the future who participated.

We have also carried out some analysis of the members that have joined us, and are excited to report, we have identified that over 80% of our new members are new to training. Our original business plan was shaped towards offering a facility that would be ideal for athletes at any stage of their fitness journey, we have amended our offering to be more applicable to new trainers, and hope that everyone finds our facility to be welcoming and user friendly.  

We have also taken on-board some of your suggestions and have amended our opening times, opening earlier on Saturdays now from 6.30 to facilitate our clients who at the weekend are keen to join us even earlier.



Richard Kernohan


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Monthly Update


We are pleased with our progress so far and ahead of our expectations. We really appreciate that the community like what we have to offer at Core and we are able to accommodate all your fitness needs and will be adding more as the demand increases. 

We have seen the addition of 350 likes in one week to our Facebook page, have you visited it yet? When you get a chance, have a look, some great photos, also could I ask that you like and invite your friends to also like.


Angus Warwicker/ Dean Rainey / Ruth Hyndman / Damo Ledger / Steven Kelly / Siobhan Donaghey have all recently came on-board.


We have a new and fully stocked display cooler, thanks to Colin at Bob And Berts, looking forward on more projects in the near future.


Teen gym, great for the kids, and adults train free. 

For July we have added a further 10 classes, and more to follow in August.

Boot camp

July was oversubscribed, and apologises if you were one of the guys that we were unable to accommodate.

We will be continuing the July boot camp to allow the existing guys to continue in their efforts, however don't worry, we will be launching another boot camp in August for those who couldn't access the July camp.

We are truly excited at being able to add to the amazing work that the other guys have done before us, from the Leisure centre, the cross-fit offering, Atlas, Energie, and the talented trainers with their individual specialist offerings. We are honoured to add to the offering and between us all help to improve the health and well-being of the community, not to mention assist in our local talent maintain and improve their fitness.

We are able to organise your monthly contributions more easily as our direct debit system is now operational.

Let us know your thoughts. As you can see we are constantly adding to and improving our offering and want to know what you would like to see at Core Gym, is there anything you would like us to offer, next time you are in let us know.





Club Manager

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Monthly Update.

Core Gym has been open for a month and what a month it has been!

We’ve had international rugby and hockey players, senior footballers, boxers and motor racing stars train shoulder to shoulder with our members as we go from strength to strength with every day that passes.

As a predominantly strength and conditioning facility, we did have a few puzzled expressions when some of our clients came through the door initially. However, our very talented and qualified staff soon converted them to this exciting and result-achieving form of training and in a short space time we have seen our membership shoot up to exceed our wildest dreams.

We have carefully thought about the  style of classes we run and the proof of their success is the bumper numbers we are achieving. However, what is even more satisfying to us is the progress and development we see in so many of our clients. The pleasure our instructors get from seeing men and women of all ages and abilities who had never crossed the door of a gym in their life, training regularly and working hard in the classes is immeasurable.

From the initial reaction of “I couldn’t possibly do that and I wouldn’t know what to do with that!” to “let me at that tyre with the sledgehammer and push the prowler – no problem!” says it all.

Core Gym would like to thank everyone for their support over the first month and as our members learn, progress and develop, so shall we. Our aim is to retain high standards, integrity and to strive to be one of the best training facilities in the Province…we are all in for an exciting ride, we’re looking forward to it…are you?